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10 Beautiful Maxi Skirt Outfits for Summer

10 Beautiful Maxi Skirt Outfits for Summer

10 Beautiful Maxi Skirt Outfits for Summer

Maxi skirts are hugely versatile wardrobe additions that can flatter any figure and enhance any personal style. They can be as cool and comfortable as needed during warmer weather. They are easy to dress up and down depending on the time of day and the occasion, and there are styles to suit any age and size. The only problem you may have is choosing from the huge variety that is available. To help you out, here are our top outfit picks that will ensure that you can step out feeling as stunning as you look.

1. The dress effect

Team a maxi skirt such as the Blue Floral Print Tacked Flowy Maxi Skirt with a sexy, fitted black top to create a seamless silhouette that offers a viable two-piece alternative to a summer dress. This is a great way to add versatility to your wardrobe without too much investment. Simply change the color of the top, and you instantly have a whole new "dress" that can be tailored to fit any situation, from a casual lunch to a night out at a bar.

2. Boho chic

A flowing maxi skirt such as the Pleated Multicolor Block Maxi Skirt teamed with a lacey top offers so much versatility and a Boho style that will never go out of fashion. You can also choose your top depending on the occasion, from a demure blouse to a riskier see-through version for a night on the town.

3. Belt up

A maxi skirt with a chiffony camisole and leather belt is a classic look that can flatter all ages. If you don’t want to worry about finding a matching belt or think about your choice digging in and spoiling the lines of your outfit, take a look at the Yellow Pleated Print with Leather Waistband Maxi Skirt. This allows you to get the look in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

4. Celebrate summer

A great summer outfit will give a nod to many people’s favorite season of the year, and who doesn’t like a trip to the beach? If you love nothing more than dipping your toes in the salty brine, you may love the Blue Pleated Starfish Print with Leather Waistband Maxi Skirt. This is a hugely usable wardrobe staple that would look just as good during a walk at the shore as it would brushing over a pair of high heels as you enjoy dinner on the terrace of a beautiful restaurant.

Blue Pleated Starfish Print with Leather Waistband Maxi Skirt

5. Don’t go short

Maxi skirts can swamp you if you have particularly short legs, but there are options out there that still offer the versatility that these outfit choices can provide. If maxis are too much, why not take a look at some flowing midi skirts, such as our Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt, which is available in a range of different colors including mocha, black and burgundy?

Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt

6. Go for the tropical look

Nothing says summer like a tropical print, and maxi skirts such as these are guaranteed to raise a smile. Just make sure that you team the louder prints with plainer tops to prevent an overload for the eyes.

7. Feel nautical

The nautical style is a timeless choice and lends itself well to a maxi skirt and top or shirt combo. Blue and white stripes can be extremely flattering, but combine them with a plain color on the top or bottom for the most flattering effect to suit your own body type.

8. Plain out the problems

A plain, darker-colored maxi skirt with a patterned top is a hugely flattering choice at any time of the day or year. Choose a fabric that sweeps your curves, and your skirt will gently skim and disguise areas that you may think of as problematic and help you to create the silhouette that you want.

9. Polka dot prints

A polka dot maxi skirt can reflect a range of different fashion styles, from conveying a fresh and funky rock ‘n roll vibe to showing off your flirty, fun side as you sashay along the promenade or through the city on a hot summer’s day. You can find polka dots in a range of sizes, too.

10. Dress it up

As we have mentioned, maxi skirts are hugely popular as separates, but don’t dismiss the appeal of a great maxi dress, too. Pieces like our White Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Maxi Dress offer a stunning and versatile choice for a multitude of occasions and different summer settings.

White Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Maxi Dress