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8 Reasons to Love the Midi Skirt and Boots Combo

8 Reasons to Love the Midi Skirt and Boots Combo

8 Reasons to Love the Midi Skirt and Boots Combo

Fashionistas love the midi skirt and boots combo. Learn why this gorgeous combination will help you to always look your best during those tricky transitional moments between seasons.

Transitional weather needs some serious creativity on the fashion front. In addition to unpredictable weather conditions, unexpectedly cold or warm temperatures can magically show up one day totally unannounced.

This means that versatility is key, so filling your transitional wardrobe with a selection of adaptable items that can be mixed and matched will make your morning routine much easier.

1. Midi Skirts and Boots Can Be Unexpectedly Edgy

The best outfits take people by surprise in a good way, so why not pair a gorgeous Black Lace Trim Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt with some black biker boots, a rich red lace top, and a leather biker jacket? The juxtaposition between girly and edgy is consistently eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Black Lace Trim Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt

Warning: you will be fielding questions about where you got your outfit all evening long, so be prepared!

2. Want to Keep Things Casual? No Problem!

For those laid-back casual days where you’re just not sure what you want to wear, you can’t go wrong with a pretty A-Line Midi Skirt, graphic tee and tan cowboy boots. This ensemble will be equally suited to relaxed brunches as it will be for running weekend errands or a shopping trip with the girls.

A-Line Midi Skirt

3. Unexpectedly Chilly? Get Ready to Layer Up!

You’re going to an event, and it has one of those tricky smart-casual dress codes. You thought you had your outfit nailed but you’ve woken up to see it’s much colder outside than expected. You know you’ll be spending time outside and inside, where there will undoubtedly be heating, so you have a dilemma. What on earth should you wear? Trust us: layers will be your BFF here. Grab your go-to form-fitting midi skirt in a gorgeous neutral tone. Wear it with a cute off-white collared top and throw on a light knit, making sure to pop out your collar. Complete the look with tan suede boots with a chunky heel and a gorgeous clutch. Easy!

4. Embrace Chunky Knits Without Overheating

If you’ve got your heart set on wearing a chunky knit but it’s just a little warmer than you expected, swap out your jeans for a floral midi skirt, throw on a cute, lightweight cami top, and grab your favorite chunky cardigan. Be sure to French tuck your knit into your skirt to show off your waist, and complete with a gorgeous knee-high flat riding boot.

5. Embrace Coordination

If you want to give the illusion of a dress but prefer the versatility of separate pieces, midi skirts are a must-have. Wear a sleek, high-waisted black midi skirt with an elegant front slit and a V-neck, thin-strapped camisole in a similar material. Tuck in your camisole to emphasize your figure and wear with a gorgeous pair of heeled, open-toe black boots with open caged detailing.

6. Love Mixing and Matching? Separates Are Everything!

If you want to make a mismatched statement with your look, pairing clashing prints is an excellent way to ensure all eyes are on you all night long. Start with a chic floral midi skirt, such as this Taupe Floral Print Woven Midi Skirt, before grabbing a relaxed striped shirt and tucking it into the waistband. Pair with simple black boots and a clutch to really anchor your outfit and give the eye a place to rest after taking in the super-cool pattern clash.

Taupe Floral Print Woven Midi Skirt

7. Play with Long-Length Outerwear

A cropped jacket is always an excellent choice to complete a midi skirt, blouse and knee-high boots combination. But if you want to play with longer-length outerwear, a gorgeous belted trench coat or a flowy duster jacket can bring a sense of romanticism and glamour to your look. Keep your midi skirt and blouse monochrome - black works particularly well here - and wear with a tan trench that hits your leg at the same point as your skirt. Complete with simple leather boots with an almond-shaped toe and your favorite neutral purse.

8. If Cinching isn’t Your Thing, Why Not Try the Dropped Waist Trend?

If you’re over the chunky waist belt look and you want to give your look a floaty flower child vibe, you’re going to want to start with a stunning statement floral midi skirt. From here, throw on a slightly longer-line tee or a wrapped knit that sits just below your waistline. Accessorize with chunky jewelry and slouchy tan calf-length boots with metallic accents.