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Best Maxi Skirt Outfits Ideas

Best Maxi Skirt Outfits Ideas

Best Maxi Skirt Outfits Ideas

The maxi skirt is a timeless classic that never seems to go out of style. It is a staple piece in any wardrobe, easily dressed up or down, and combining it with different items makes it possible to style your maxi skirt in a number of different ways. From tight maxi skirts to floaty hippie and prairie-style maxi skirts and those with bright patterns, bold colors, ruffled details, slits, or unique materials, there are different styles for different outfits and different occasions. Here is a look at the best maxi skirt outfit ideas and how you can style yours for a casual day look or a night look during spring, summer, fall, and even when it's colder in winter.

Night Out

Dressing up for a night out is always fun. Instead of choosing a dress or a pants-and-top combo, why not go for a maxi skirt for your evening with friends or date night? With many different types of maxi skirts available that will look great for a party or cocktail night - such as maxi skirts with slits, tight maxi skirts, or sheer maxi skirts with a short underlayer - you can find one that you can dress up and stand out.

A normal evening look might consist of a tight maxi skirt with a slit up one side paired with heels and a top. Tops that look great with this type of outfit are crop tops, bralettes, and bodysuits, and you could even combine a shirt or blouse tucked into your skirt for a glamorous look. With the right accessories and the right top, flowy maxi skirts also work well for a night-out look, such as the Yellow Pleated Print With Leather Waistband Maxi Skirt. Thanks to the tight waistband on this maxi skirt, you can wear a bodysuit or tuck a tight and pretty top into it to create an elegant but hot night-out look. Add black heels and a black purse with gold jewelry for extra glam.

Yellow Pleated Print With Leather Waistband Maxi Skirt

Day Time Occasion

If you have a special occasion or event to attend, the maxi skirt is a great option to choose for your outfit. Whether it is a wedding, a special day out at the races, or even a music festival, a maxi skirt can be paired with some heels or sandals and accessorized with jewelry, a bag and your choice of top. A maxi skirt such as the Pleated Multicolor Block Maxi Skirt will look great for a wedding guest, combined with a white blouse or lace top tucked in. The colors in the skirt allow you to accessorize this outfit with silver, cream, or pastel green, blue or pink heels, along with a bag. If you choose an unpatterned skirt with just one color, you can add a plain top or a patterned or bold-colored top for some color blocking.

Pleated Multicolor Block Maxi Skirt

Casual Spring and Summer

The maxi skirt is perfect in spring and summer for a casual day look or even for special events such as weddings or days out, as we mentioned before. For a casual spring or summer outfit with a maxi skirt, you can add a crop top or a tank top tucked into your skirt. The Blue Floral Print Tacked Flowy Maxi Skirt is a great choice for a spring or summer skirt that you can dress up or down. Accessorize your look with a hat, some sunglasses and your sandals or flip-flops. If you’re on vacation, a floaty, lace, or sheer maxi skirt on the beach with your swimsuit underneath is a great look.

Blue Floral Print Tacked Flowy Maxi Skirt

Casual Fall and Winter

In fall and winter, you may not consider wearing a maxi skirt and opt instead for jeans or pants to wear with your sweater or jacket on those colder days. However, maxi skirts can be paired with warmer clothes, too. Brighten up your casual day look on those colder days and go for a bright maxi skirt combined with a chunky sweater or cardigan and some suede or leather boots for a simple and casual but great outfit; you can even add a set of tennis shoes to make your look even more casual. If you are heading into work, tuck a shirt into your maxi skirt and add a pair of black boots or heels. If you are looking for a less casual look for the evening or a lunch out with friends, why not add heels or boots with a leather or denim jacket?