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Fashion Women Tips and Hacks

Fashion Women Tips and Hacks

Fashion Women Tips and Hacks

We all want to look chic, stylish and well put together. Here are our 10 favorite fashion tips and hacks to keep you looking groomed and gorgeous.

Bra straps be gone

Having your bra straps on show isn’t the classiest look, but we all know that when it comes to summer, racerback tops and dresses can cause a bit of a problem. You could wear a strapless bra, but these are often uncomfortable, fall down a lot and don’t give great support. Head to a store and pick up a plastic butterfly paperclip. Then, simply pull your bra straps into a racerback and hold in place with the clip - goodbye, bra straps!

Give it the boot

Straight leg and boot cut jeans are in fashion right now, but in fall and winter, you may want to tuck your jeans into your boots. It's easy to do with skinny jeans but not so easy with other styles (unless you like the bulky, bunched up ankle look). Thankfully, there is a way to make this work. Try turning your jean leg up at the end and slip a sock over the top, and then your boot should slip easily over the top. Denims such as Posh Fashion Boutique’s Blue Panel Straight Cut Denim w/Pockets Jeans become instantly more versatile. Alternatively, try a hair tie to hold your jean legs in place.

Blue Panel Straight Cut Denim w/Pockets Jeans

Freeze shoes to stretch them

We’ve all had those shoes that you really love and want to wear but they’re just that little bit too tight. Here’s a great and simple hack to help stretch them out and make them more comfortable. Fill plastic bags with water and stuff them inside your shoes. Pop them in the freezer and as the water freezes, it expands and stretches out the shoes.

Keep those flies up

Ever struggle to get your jean zipper to stay up? We have a solution for you. Grab a key chain and hook it on to the zipper and then tie the other end around your top button. Your flies will stay in place all day long.

Layer it up in style

Layering is a great look for autumn and winter. If you want to layer your favorite sweater over a cute skirt or dress, try using a slim belt. Tie the belt around the bottom of the sweater and then pull the sweater fabric up and over the belt until the belt is completely hidden. This will completely change the look of the layers and the shape of your outfit, giving more definition and making you look more put together. This works best with a slightly longer sweater, such as this Grey Two-Tone Round Neck Sweater.

Grey Two-Tone Round Neck Sweater

Tuck your shirt in

To tuck your top or shirt into your jeans or pants perfectly, here’s another little hack involving the trusty hair tie. Gather your shirt at the front and tie it into a ponytail shape using the tie. Then tuck it into your pants and your shirt will stay in place. This one’s great for making a simple jeans and shirt combo look stylish, neat and well put together. Try it with Posh Fashion Boutique’s Pink Animal Print Button Down Blouse for a cute look.

Pink Animal Print Button Down Blouse

Tie your tee

Have a basic tee but want to add a bit of style and shape to your look? It’s time for those faithful hair ties again. Grab your t-shirt, twist it and tie it at the front in the same way you would put your hair up in a bun. This is a cute way of updating your t-shirt, adding shape and showing off your waist.

Banish the bobbles

If your favorite sweater has gone all bobbly, grab a disposable razor, lay your sweater on a flat surface and gently run it over the fabric to collect up the bobbles. If you don’t have a disposable razor, try a pumice stone instead.

Mind the gape

If your shirt is gaping between buttons, there’s an easy way to solve the problem. Say goodbye to accidental flashing by fixing fashion tape onto the problem areas.

So long, stains

You’ve just put on a great outfit and you’re giving yourself one last look in the mirror only to find those dreaded deodorant stains. We’ve all been there. Here are three things you can try to get rid of fresh deodorant stains. A used fabric softener sheet might buff away the mark, or you can use another item of clothing to get it off. A cotton sock or a pair of jeans is a great choice. Alternatively, try a baby wipe.