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How To Style Your Kimono Cardigan

How To Style Your Kimono Cardigan

How To Style Your Kimono Cardigan

The kimono cardigan is certainly in style for SS2021, and everyone who is anyone has been seen wearing this latest fashion must-have over the past few weeks. They have been inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono and have a lot of similar traits, such as length, neckline, and sleeves - traits which have even been used to create a Kimono Style Sweater!. Heavier than a traditional kimono, these lovely cardigans are the perfect thing to shrug on if the temperature gets a little too cool for you to wear a single layer. If you want to look stylish this summer, here are some great ways to style your kimono cardigan.

Kimono Style Sweater

Going To the Beach

If you are heading off to the beach, wear a light kimono that will protect you from the sun but won’t make you feel too hot. A light cotton or lace kimono won't protect you from the sun's rays, however, so you will still need to wear sunscreen. You should be able to pack this into your beach bag easily if you want to go for a swim or you are getting hot in it, and then you can unroll it later when the temperature has gone down. Colour coordinate with a brightly colored kimono that matches the shade of your swimsuit perfectly. To create a theme, you could even wear matching sandals and nail polish. The trendiest colors to get you noticed this summer are yellow, like this Mustard Stripe Mesh Sheer Lace Cardigan, pink, and mint green.

Mustard Stripe Mesh Sheer Lace Cardigan

The Boho Look

Use a kimono cardigan to create a boho look that will keep you warm in a café or restaurant this summer. It is nice enough to eat al fresco, but it can get a little chilly once the sun goes down, so opt for a white or black lace kimono cardigan if you want something to put on your shoulders and keep you warm.


To create an interesting, layered look, wear a long-sleeved top under a kimono cardigan with three-quarter-length sleeves. If you want to look funky, opt for a kimono cardigan that has a bold design, such as bright stripes or tie-dye. Embroidered kimono cardigans are also very popular as this is a very traditional pattern that has been fashionable in the Orient for many years.

The Cape

Long kimono cardigans look wonderful if you are trying to create a caped look. This can be worn if you want to look mysterious and wonderful. Wear it with a pair of shorts so you can cover yourself entirely with the kimono cardigan to create intrigue and mystery as you sit outside. If you want to attract attention to yourself, opt for a bold pattern or floral design, such as this White Floral Kimono Style Long Cardigan, to make sure that all eyes remain on you.

White Floral Kimono Style Long Cardigan


If you want to dress up or you are heading out for a day at the office, wear a kimono cardigan with a pair of tailored pants. This look will be more formal if your kimono cardigan falls below your hips and you add heels for a touch of sophistication. This will certainly keep you warm when your boss turns the air conditioning up too high.

A Fashion Statement

If you want to make a fashion statement with your kimono cardigan this season, team it with wide-legged pants and match the color exactly. This is a great outfit to wear if you want to look slim and stylish and you need to instill confidence in yourself. You will look stunning.

Dress It Up

If you want to wear a formal dress for a work function or a night out, why not wear a kimono cardigan for warmth and an extra layer? To make it look more formal, be sure that the two pieces are the same color and the length, and opt for a lightweight kimono rather than a heavy woolen one. Chiffon is a wonderful material for an evening kimono cardigan as it is lightweight and won’t distract attention from your dress, but it will keep your shoulders warm. Black is a stunning color if you are aiming for a touch of evening glamour, and a pair of heels will set the look off perfectly.

There are some fantastic ways to style your kimono cardigan this summer, and you can create some stunning looks with them. If you like the style and design, you may even decide to add more than one of these beautiful fashion items to your wardrobe so you have a different one to suit every style.