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How to Wear Ankle Booties with Jeans

How to Wear Ankle Booties with Jeans

How to Wear Ankle Booties with Jeans

Jeans and ankle booties are among the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. If you want to wear them together, there are a handful of dos and don’ts to remember when styling your outfit. Here are our top tips!

Look 1: Cropped Jeans and Ankle Booties

Cropped denim and ankle booties are a match made in heaven. Whether you’re wearing a subtle or a more statement ankle boot, the cut of cropped jeans means that the hem won’t interfere with the silhouette of your footwear.

We recommend not leaving too much skin between the top of your ankle booties and the hem of your jeans as this can be unflattering on the leg. But don’t worry if your favorite pair of jeans are very cropped because all you’ll need to do is pair them with a slightly taller ankle bootie.

Style a mid-blue cropped jean, such as these Ripped Skinny Jeans, with neutral brown ankle booties, a simple vest and oversized cardigan. Complete this put-together, casual look with sunglasses and a neutral brown purse.

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Look 2: Skinny Jeans and Ankle Booties

Much like cropped denim jeans, skinny jeans almost always look amazing when worn with ankle booties. As long as your ankle booties aren’t particularly tall and don’t sit above your ankle, you’ll be able to pair them with all your favorite ankle-length skinnies.

Pair khaki skinny jeans with a neutral suede ankle boot, blouse and oversized coat for an outfit that is ideal for running errands on the weekend and brunch with the girls. Alternatively, wear mid-grey skinny jeans with tan booties, a light grey top and a suede biker jacket for a laid-back look that will easily take you to a variety of smart-casual occasions.

Look 3: The Denim Tuck into Ankle Booties

This combination can be difficult to get right, but when you do, you’re guaranteed to look incredibly chic. Your jeans will need to be long enough to comfortably tuck into your booties, but you also don’t want there to be too much fabric down there that could cause unsightly bunching.

Don’t tuck your jeans into short boots, so make sure you only try this look with some of your slightly taller ankle booties. You’ll also have an easier time when combining booties that have a wider-than-average opening and skinny jeans.

Wear black, silhouette-hugging jeans with a crisp white shirt for the ultimate smart-casual look. Dress this combination down by wearing it with suede open-toe ankle booties, a black baker boy hat and oversized purse. Alternatively, dress up with a pair of sleek heeled leather booties, a structured crossbody purse and silver jewelry, such as this Chic Hoop Pendant Long Necklace and Earring Set.

Chic Hoop Pendant Long Necklace and Earring Set

Look 4: Cuffed Jeans and Ankle Booties

If your favorite pair of jeans are slightly too long to sit properly above your ankle booties, there is always the option to cuff them to give a laid-back twist to your outfit. Cuffing can also work with jeans that don’t taper at the ankle. In fact, this combination will actually work better with relaxed denim jeans.

Cuff a light wash pair of relaxed boyfriend, mom or even straight cut jeans such as these Low Rise Straight Cut Jeans, and wear with white ankle boots and a chunky sweater or chic blouse. Keep it casual with a crossbody purse, or opt for a slightly dressier look by grabbing your favorite clutch bag and layered jewelry.

Low Rise Straight Cut Jeans

Look 5: Split Hem Jeans and Ankle Booties

Jeans with a split hem can’t really be tucked or cuffed particularly easily. As with other looks, do make sure that there is some visible skin between the bottom of your jeans and the top of your booties. You’ll get extra style points for matching this style of jean with an ankle bootie that shows off the side of your ankle.

Wear a wooden-heeled, mink-hued ankle bootie with dark wash, split-hem denim jeans and a plaid shirt. Alternatively, swap the casual shirt for a light colored blouse and nude pink blazer. Style with a long necklace and a matching nude pink or mink-toned shoulder purse.

As you can see, there are myriad combinations that you can try to find your perfect outfit for almost all occasions. The key is to ensure that you have a full-length mirror on hand to be able to properly judge whether you’ve got your proportions right and that there isn’t any bunching happening at the ankle, which can be very unflattering. There's no need to worry because there is a denim jean for every ankle bootie, and when you find your ideal look, those pieces are certain to become some of your most-worn season after season.