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How To Wear Midi Skirts

How To Wear Midi Skirts

How To Wear Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have been a popular fashion item since the 1950s, and it looks as if they are here to stay. Their popularity comes from their versatility as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and will look good on most body shapes. The hems on these skirts are usually mid-calf length, hence the term "midi skirt". However, this hemline is open for discussion as some midi skirts actually sit on the knee while others stop just above the ankle - and all of them are still classified as midi. There are so many different styles of midi skirt that it can be difficult to know how to wear one and what to wear it with. Here is a guide to help you.

Your Height

Beige Khaki High-Waist Solid Midi Skirt

How tall you are may have a huge bearing on what type of midi skirt you look best in. If you are taller, you have more options as any midi-length skirt will look good on you. If you are petite, you are more limited, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a skirt that works well for you. Midi skirts may be longer than anticipated if you are petite, so shopping in the petite section may be your best option. A midi skirt that comes just below the knee, such as this Beige Khaki High-Waist Solid Midi Skirt, will make your legs look longer. You can always alter the hemline if you are not happy with it.


Your Waist

Black Satin w/Slit & Jewel Strap Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is supposed to fit snugly around the narrowest part of your waist. If you are struggling to find one that fits properly around the waist, go for a slightly bigger size than you need and team it with a belt. Failing that, you could have it altered to suit your silhouette. Some skirts will be tight-fitting, such as this Black Satin w/Slit & Jewel Strap Midi Skirt, which means that the shape will stay roughly the same from the bottom to the top of the skirt. Other skirts flow down from the waist for a softer, more romantic look, like this Burgundy Lace Trim Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt. The style of the skirt will dictate how it is designed below the waistline.

Burgundy Lace Trim Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt

What To Wear on Top

There are several different styles of tops that look good with a midi skirt, so you will have plenty of great options.

A short, fitted shirt will look good tucked into a midi skirt. This is a great look for the office as it will make you look professional and business-like.

A button-down shirt is also a good option for the office and will look good as part of a suit.

A crop top is a good option for a day or night out as it will allow you to show off your midriff. A tight-fitting top with long or short sleeves can look fantastic with this type of skirt.

A t-shirt is a lovely look if you want to keep it casual. This can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This is a great look with a more floaty-style skirt as it will make you look romantic and nostalgic.


Your shoe options will depend on where you are going as different shoes suit different occasions. High heels look great if you want to dress up your midi skirt. Wedges or stilettos work well and will make your legs look longer. However, you should avoid wearing shores with an ankle strap as this will make your legs look shorter and will ruin the line of the skirt by giving the eye too much to see at ankle height.

If you are wearing flat shoes, opt for ones with a point at the toe as this will create length. This is a good look for the office, and you will be comfortable all day.

Knee boots are a fantastic look for winter. Not only will they keep you warm, but they will also fit well under the boot and elongate the line of your leg. Avoid ankle boots as this will leave part of your leg exposed, which can make you look unfinished.

Sneakers are a wonderful way of finishing a casual midi skirt look. Keep them simple with a plain design and choose a pair that only features one color if you don’t want to detract attention from your skirt. Sneakers look best with a floaty midi skirt.

Follow this guide if you want to look trendy and stylish in your midi skirt, whatever the occasion.