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Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2021

Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2021

Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2021

This year, we have seen a lot of bold fashion trends and statements being made, with big sleeves, ruffles, block coloring, off-the-shoulder, big maxi dresses, and big maxi skirts being popular. 2021 has been a year where we have tried to make the most of our time out of the house after a year of being at home, working from home, and not needing to dress up. All we want to do now is look fabulous out of the house, whether it's for a day at work, going out with friends, or a special occasion.

Our favorite items to wear in 2020 were anything and everything loungewear. While that is still the case, with loungewear becoming a staple part of our wardrobes into and including in 2021, fashion trends have shown that we also want to make a statement, with some fashion trends making a comeback from previous years such as skorts, crop tops, and puff sleeves. Other trends have remained, with some athleisure wear and loungewear still hanging around and being popular this year. Here is a look at the latest women’s fashion trends of 2021.

Loungewear, Athleisure and Tie-Dye

Okay, so we know we are not in 2020’s “at home” lockdown phase any longer, and we know the at-home attire is no longer necessary, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t still love it. So let’s start where we left off in 2020. Sweatpants, hoodies and baggy clothing were some of our favorite things about last year, and they are still in style this year. A great pair of sweatpants with an elastic waist and elastic ankles can even be paired with a crop top and heels for a sporty, going-out look or with your favorite pair of tennis shoes for a stylish trip to the mall.

Athleisure wear is also still in, with biker shorts also being dressed up or down. Skorts have made a comeback and look great for a cute daytime look or a night out, such as in this cute White Basic Tennis Skort. Another thing that has crept its way from 2020 into 2021 is the tie-dye trend. While we were at home looking for something to do, tie-dying became popular, and many people were making old items of clothing fun to wear again. Tie-dye items are everywhere, like these Blue Tie Dye Terry Knit Sweatpants.

Puff Sleeves and Ruffles

Black Puff Sleeve W/ Plunging V-Neck Mini Dress

Moving on from what we brought over with us from 2020, let's look at some fashion trends that have made a comeback this year. Making a statement, the '80s puff sleeves and ever-popular ruffles have been popular trends this year, with bold and subtle puff sleeves being added to tops and dresses alike, such as here with the Black Puff Sleeve W/ Plunging V-Neck Mini Dress. Ruffles have also been added to lots of items of clothing this year, making a statement and helping us to stand out and be seen. They have been used on everything from pants and skirts to tops and dresses. Check out the Black Floral High Low Ruffle Edge Skirt.

Feminine Off-The-Shoulder Sleeves and High-to-Low Dresses and Skirts

Fashion trends have included women showing off their shoulders this year, with the off-the-shoulder sleeves on dresses and tops becoming a popular trend. This can be seen with this cute Pink Off Shoulder Eyelet Woven Top.

Yellow Halter Neck With Mixed Print High Low Dress

Off-the-shoulder is a very feminine and easy way to make an outfit dressed up or casual, and it has been everywhere this year. Another trend has been high-to-low dresses and skirts. These garments are high at the front around the top of the knee or mid-thigh and then fall lower at the back to the calf or ankle, creating a floaty effect with the movement of the wearer. This is a very lovely and feminine fashion trend that can be seen here with the Yellow Halter Neck With Mixed Print High Low Dress.

Crop Top and Jackets

White Polka Square Layered Cropped Hanging Top

Crop tops and blazers, kimonos, jackets… you may think that this combination is normal, but this year, the crop top and jacket combination has been an unusually popular choice. Crop tops are being dressed up or worn casually, depending on the jacket used. Blazers have been used to create a more formal look, while kimonos and denim jackets are a more casual day look when paired with a crop top, such as the White Polka Square Layered Cropped Hanging Top.