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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sew A Blouse

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sew A Blouse

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sew A Blouse

The humble blouse is arguably one of the most overlooked fashion heroes. Versatile and timeless, the blouse should without a doubt be considered a wardrobe essential. It can be worn in any season just by adding or removing layers, can be dressed up with pants and heels or down with jeans and sneakers, and comes in so many different styles and prints.

Whether it’s a tie-neck blouse for a cute, feminine look; a silk blouse for classic elegance; or a puff-sleeve blouse to capture this season’s love of statement sleeves, there’s something for everyone when it comes to blouses.

But if you’ve got some spare time on your hands or have a creative itch that needs scratching, why not make your own blouse for an extra-special piece that is unique to you? Designing and creating something yourself from scratch can be so satisfying and allows you to choose your favourite fabrics, colors and patterns. Here is our guide to sewing a very simple blouse. Once you have mastered this simple blouse, you can get creative experimenting with necklines, buttons, lace and other cute details or designs.

How to sew a blouse - a step-by-step guide

To sew your own blouse, you will need a sewing machine, scissors, a ruler, tape measure, paper for marking out the pattern, dressmaker’s chalk, pins, cotton, an iron and the fabric of your choice.

Step 1

Step 1 - Choose your Fabric

Choose your fabric. Think carefully about the fabric you choose. Most blouses are made from a lightweight material so they can be worn alone in spring and summer or layered under a chunky cardigan in autumn and winter. The color or pattern you choose will really impact the look of this blouse.

Step 2

Take your favourite top or blouse - one that fits well - and fold it in half vertically with front sides out and place on a large piece of paper. Pin around the outline of the top and along the seam of the sleeves, paying particular attention to the accuracy of your pinning in this area.

Step 3

Draw around the shirt or blouse, including the back of the neckline. Then, take the shirt away and use the pin holes from the sleeve seam to fill in the outline. This will give you the outline for the back of the blouse.

Step 4

Repeat this on another piece of paper, this time creating the front outline. To do this, pin along the front neckline, which will usually be lower than at the back.

Step 5

Place one sleeve on another piece of paper, pin it and trace around it.

Step 6

Add a 1.25 cm seam allowance around each template using a ruler. This will leave you with a fold line. Make it clear which is the front and back of your blouse by writing it on it.

Step 7

Pin the body pieces together with the right sides facing inwards. Do not sew across the neckline, just the shoulders. Straight stitch across one shoulder seam, then the other.

Step 8

Open out the shirt, which should now be sewn only at the shoulders, but flip it so the right side is up. Pin the sleeves right side down and into place. Place the rounded part of the sleeve against the rounded part of the armhole and pin. Sew the sleeves with a straight stitch onto the armholes.

Step 9

Fold the shirt again so the right sides are facing each other, and sew down the right side of the shirt from under the arm to the bottom. Repeat on the left side.

Step 9

Using your seam allowance, create a hem at the bottom of the blouse. Do not sew the side of the shirt together, just the hem. Then, sew hems on to your sleeves as well as the neckline.

Step 10

Turn your blouse the right way around and iron the seams and hems.

That's it! Now, your simple, no-frills blouse is complete.

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