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Top 10 Fashion Trends For Women To Adopt in 2021

Top 10 Fashion Trends For Women To Adopt in 2021

Top 10 Fashion Trends For Women To Adopt in 2021

It’s been a strange couple of years, but life is slowly getting back on track and we are all gradually putting at least some of the loungewear away and thinking about investing in our wardrobe again. The recent pandemic has made many of us more cautious, however, and the days of disposable fashion for many of us have either changed or passed.

A large number of us are now thinking about investing in a few key fashion pieces each season that can keep our wardrobes looking fresh while creating a capsule collection that can stand the test of time. If this is you, let’s take a look at the top ten key trends for women in 2021 and the types of items that you could invest in to match your budget, personal style, and longer-term aim of creating a clothing collection you can be proud of for many months to come.

1. Shirt dresses

White Belted Placket Lace Shirt Hi-Low Dress

In their most basic form, these are essentially long shirts, but designers have run with the idea and there are now all sorts of cuts and quirks to choose from. There are those with side splits and a variety of different collars, as well as drop waists and asymmetric hemlines. One of our favorites is the lacy variety, such as our White Belted Placket Lace Shirt Hi-Low Dress.

2. Kimono coats

Yellow Paisley Long Kimono w/ Side Slits Cardigan

The kimono has been given a makeover this year, and kimono coats are now big news. These are hugely versatile items that can be worn with everything from denims to a little black dress. Wear with or without a belt and dress up or down to suit the occasion. This is what capsule wardrobe essentials are made of - the ability to wear them in all sorts of ways and in a huge array of different settings to great effect. There are coats and cardigans that have been designed with an obvious kimono influence, such as the Yellow Paisley Long Kimono w/ Side Slits Cardigan, or you could invest in a timeless original that will never go out of fashion.

3. Culottes

Super-flattering and versatile, culottes can be a flirty and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. Just be wary of the length you choose, especially if you are on the shorter side. The ideal length this year is somewhere between the lower calf and upper ankle.

4. Long vests

Snakeskin Mesh Sleeveless Plus Size Long Vest

These are great in any season. Wear as outerwear over a sweater or a t-shirt when the weather is warmer. Keep them open for a really flattering effect that will hide a multitude of lumps and bumps. There are also floaty options that are perfect for warmer days, such as the Snakeskin Mesh Sleeveless Plus Size Long Vest.

5. Sportswear

Sportswear really came into its own during the Covid pandemic, and it is not going anywhere soon. Old-school athletics style is big news this year, with go-faster stripes, plimsolls, and racerbacks all making an appearance in trendsetting stylists' must-haves.

6. Capes

Capes are another super-stylish wardrobe addition that will suit all sorts of ages and body shapes. These are great when the weather gets cooler and can be teamed with anything from jeans and sweaters to dresses and above-the-knee boots.

7. Gypset

If you haven’t heard this term before, it is essentially a mixture of jet-set styling and Gypsy-inspired fashion. It is a bohemian look that combines bold patterns with oriental opulence and all sorts of golden accents. Team Aladdin pants with layered tunics or just add oriental-inspired accessories to update your look.

8. A-lines

A-line skirts and dresses are big news this year. Team them with '70s-inspired accessories for a trendy look that can suit almost anyone. Mix playful florals with masculine jackets or high-waisted skirts with trainers to be on the fashion A list this year.

9. Sarees

Sarees are traditionally seen as an Indian fashion, but this year they can traverse any cultural boundary. Wear yours in a traditional style or drape it around you like a gown for a really modern look. Alternatively, make a skirt out of yours and team it with a crop top for a super-fashionable look. This would also look great with a trucker jacket, which is another one of the big trends for 2021.

10. Trucker Jackets

These are wardrobe essentials that can play a role at any time of year. Wear yours over a simple tee with khakis or skinny jeans for a really practical look that is still extremely fashionable this year.