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Women Fashion Clothing Styles 2021

Women Fashion Clothing Styles 2021

Women Fashion Clothing Styles 2021

2021 was the year we all wanted to come out of our homes all dressed up with somewhere to go, and women’s fashion styles this year have illustrated that. However, while there have been some trends that have stood out or made a comeback from previous years, such as the puff sleeve, crop tops, prairie-style midi and maxi dresses, and off-the-shoulder tops, some “at-home attire” trends from 2020 have remained. These include loungewear and athleisure wear such as bike shorts and Ponte pants. Here is a look at some of these women’s fashion clothing styles of 2021 and the most effective combinations.


The famous skort made a comeback this 2021. Along with the popularity of athleisure this year, the popular tennis court piece, the skort, has also become popular this year. This fashionable item, combining a skirt and shorts, is comfortable and works well with different styles of tops. Best of all, it can be dressed up or down. Check out the Navy Ruffled Waistband Wrap Skort Shorts and add a white top and heels to these beautiful skort shorts for a dressed-up look.

Navy Ruffled Waistband Wrap Skort Shorts

Puff Sleeves

The '80s puff sleeve created a fashionable look on tops and dresses this year. Big sleeves were making a big statement for tops in day looks and night looks in 2021 and continue to do so. Add a bold, puff sleeve to your outfit this fall and stand out with this feminine fashion statement. Puff sleeves can be worn on both tops and dresses, dressed up or down. Add some bold colored heels to this black puff sleeve dress, the Black Puff Sleeve With Plunging V-neck Mini Dress, to make a bold statement, or go for a more subtle puff sleeve for everyday wear.


If you are not into puff sleeves but still want to remain fashionable this year with gorgeous details on your outfit while following different trends, why not add ruffles? You can stand out with ruffles and frills on dresses, tops, and skirts. Ruffles are a beautiful touch, and you can make a big statement or even just a little statement with them.

Midi and Maxi Dresses

The versatility and simpleness of midi and maxi dresses mean that they are always a staple part of any wardrobe, and 2021 is no different. In particular, this year saw the re-emergence of the floaty and comfortable Prairie-style dresses, which in spring became a fashion statement for the following year with the fashionable ruffles that we spoke about previously. Prairie-style dresses such as the Navy Floral Ruffle Skirt Peasant Midi Dress have been particularly in fashion this year, styled with hats, sandals and dressed up or down. This style can be continued into fall, worn with boots and jackets. Other types of midi and maxi dresses have remained in style this year, including the bodycon style, halter dresses, and un-patterned floaty dresses.

Navy Floral Ruffle Skirt Peasant Midi Dress


Women have been showing off their shoulders this year with stunning off-the-shoulder pieces. Off-the-shoulder has been everywhere, featuring in dresses as well as tops. This popular style is a simple but feminine fashion trend that can easily be dressed up or down. Boho, off-the-shoulder tops have been particularly popular, such as with the Pink Ruffled Overlay Off Shoulder With Halter Tie Blouse, which is perfect for everyday wear and can be worn this fall over jeans with boots. For a night out look, there are some beautiful off-the-shoulder dresses making statements this year, as well as beautiful maxi dresses that can be dressed up for a beautiful day outfit. For a garden party or a wedding, consider this very feminine and pretty White Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Maxi Dress.

Crop Tops

White Short Puff Sleeve Surplice Crop Top

Crop tops have been paired with jackets this year and are making a statement. While crop tops are a staple part of many wardrobes, this year's crop tops are being dressed up and down with jackets, blazers, light shirts, or kimonos, creating a beautiful and fashionable trend that has become popular over denim shorts, jeans and leggings. Crop tops such as this White Short Puff Sleeve Surplice Crop Top are being dressed up and are in style under patterned, floaty shirts and blazers and jackets with high-waisted shorts, skirts and jeans this summer. This fall, create a hippie/boho look with your crop top when it is paired with kimonos such as this Yellow Floral Kimono With Flowy Sleeves Top. Add a hat, some jeans and boots for a cool, feminine look this year.